About company

Chicken Gold LLC is a unique company for the Urals. We accumulate chicken offal from all poultry farms of the Urals in our manufacture, choose only the best and high-quality products, process and assemble them for delivery, prepare documents and carry out customs clearance. Due to the fact that the entire production and logistics chain is under our leadership, we can guarantee the best quality and timing at favorable prices for customers.


Our manufacture

Manufacturing capacity

We have a modern manufacturing facility that allows process raw materials, store and export chicken paws.

The total area of ​​the manufacturing complex is more than 3000 m2.

+ Line for processing and freezing products (production of about 10 tons daily);

+ Separate warehouse complex for storing finished products (total area of more than 1500 m2, with a temperature regime of -15 degrees Celsius in the department for storing raw materials, and -20, -25 degrees Celsius in the complex for freezing and storing finished products);

+ Logistics service (Preparation of transport, preparation of export documents, customs clearance).

Staff of employees

Chicken Gold LLC employs more than 60 specialists.

The work is carried out in several work shifts, which makes it possible to continuously fill warehouse stocks and ship more than 350 tons of poultry offal per month.


Delivery terms ECW.

All products are transported in 40-foot refrigerated containers from our warehouses to the port of destination. Frozen Paws are stored in a container at -18 degrees Celsius. This ensures the safety and freshness of the supplied products.

Quality assurance

We have a cold warehouse and storage building, that stores a large volume of products

All products arriving at our warehouses are accompanied by a veterinary certificate, a certificate of conformity and a quality certificate

Our employees process the received products, then sort them according to quality. We ensure the stability of the quality of the supplied products for our customers

 All chicken offal are cleaned from blood and contamination. Chicken feet fully comply with the sanitary requirements for the quality of processing.

All products are packed in export cartons with fixed weight and placed in refrigerators at -20, -25 degrees Celsius.