Chicken feet

Wholesale of chicken feet for export

Category: A

Weight: 35-55 grams

Length: 8-13 centimeters

Origin: Russian Federation

Volume of shipments: from 28 to 350 tons per month

Delivery terms: EXW / CIF

Product description

  • Chicken feet, category A;
  • Clipped below the joint;
  • Moisture content 5%;
  • No yellow epidermis;
  • No feathers;
  • No corns;
  • No bruises;
  • No burns from ammonia;
  • Bone fractures 5%;
  • Weight of legs of category A — 35-55 grams, length from 8 to 13 centimeters;
  • Freezing method: BQF impact block at temperature (-40 ° C);
  • Storage method: in a cold warehouse, at a temperature (-18 ° C);
  • Method of transportation: in refrigerated trucks, at a temperature (-18 ° C);
  • Packing: boxes with perforation, 20 kg each.
Куриные лапки


Chicken feet are packed in special boxes and have export marks.

Standard packing: plastic bags.

Dimensions: 200x150x350mm.

Packing: 20 kg

Bags are packed in export-marked cartons and sent to storage.

Dimensions of cardboard packaging: 220x600x350mm

Weight of one carton: 60 kg

We consider the wishes of customers and can place an order for other types of packaging.

Куриные лапки в коробке

Quality control

Chicken feet comply with all the requirements of Russian and international legislation:

• We accept only good products that meet all the requirements of Rosportebnadzor and Rosselkhoznadzor, have veterinary and quality certificates;

• In order to cleanse chicken paws from yellow skin, corns, dried blood and other contaminants they are washed and processed in special chambers;

• Products are sorted into categories and packed in fixed weight boxes;

• Packaged products are sent for storage in freezers.

What’s included in the price?

Delivery of chicken feet of the required volume

Preparation of transport (refrigerators)

Preparation of export documents

Veterinary certificate

Certificate of origin of food products

Certificate of quality

Customs clearance

Closing documents